E-News - July 15, 2019

MLB Stadium Tour - Sun Trust Park.png
Nat Tagtow '04, Nate Clapham '06, Travis Wiltgen '06 and Brad Axdahl '06 at SunTrust Park in Atlanta

Kohawks complete special tour of Major League Baseball stadiums


An article in the Spring 2015 issue of the Coe College Courier chronicled the journey of Jeff Fink ’02, Nat Tagtow ’04 and Brad Axdahl ’062011年芬克去世后,他们每年的棒球之旅演变成了对芬克的纪念. The tour group had grown to include Travis Wiltgen ’06 and Nate Clapham ’06, and over the past several years the four Kohawks have traveled all over the country visiting the remaining stadiums.

For the 2015 leg of the tour, the foursome headed south to visit Globe Life Park (Texas Rangers) and Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros). Next up in 2016 were AT&T Park (now Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants), 奥克兰体育馆(奥克兰运动家)和Safeco球场(现在的T-Mobile公园), home of the Seattle Mariners). In 2017, 他们前往佛罗里达州观看马林鱼公园(迈阿密马林鱼队)和纯果卡纳球场(坦帕湾鳐鱼队)的比赛。. 2018 brought them back to Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs); although not a new stop, it was a way to keep the annual tradition going. 2019年是一个繁忙的赛季,因为巡演在花旗球场(纽约大都会队)达到了高潮。, Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees), 芬威球场(波士顿红袜队)和太阳信托球场(亚特兰大勇士队).

Reaching this milestone brought mixed emotions. “能够说JBO体育平台首页已经看过了每一个球场,这是一种自豪和成就感, which is what we set out to do with Jeff back in 2008,” Axdahl said. “There was also a sense of sadness thinking back to the early years of the trip and how we've missed Jeff.”

Tagtow echoed Axdahl’s feelings, saying, “I do feel proud that we accomplished seeing all 30 stadiums. We made it a priority to honor Jeff and have stuck together through our busy lives to make sure we celebrate our friendship and Jeff's through our baseball trip. 同样悲哀的是Jeff不能和JBO体育平台首页一起经历所有这些. He would be extremely proud, as well, 也会像JBO体育平台首页一样享受这段旅程的每一步.”

虽然最初的探索可能已经完成,但每年纪念芬克的旅程仍将继续. The group has batted around several options, including visiting the new Texas Rangers ballpark set to open in 2020 or revisiting the stadiums Wiltgen and Clapham haven’t experienced. 其他可能的项目包括国家棒球名人堂和博物馆, spring training facilities in Arizona and Florida, the All-Star Game and the postseason.

Whatever these four friends decide, two things are certain: lasting memories will be made and Fink’s life and friendship will never be forgotten.

Kennedy Stomberg.jpg
Kennedy Stomberg '18

Alumni Making it Happen: Kennedy Stomberg

One year after graduating from Coe, Kennedy Stomberg ’18 has completed her first year in the cognitive neuroscience master’s program at the City University of New York (CUNY).

斯托姆伯格在位于纽约市中心的城市大学研究生中心上课. “这与我长大的地方有很大的距离,甚至与锡达拉皮兹城也有很大的距离,” Stomberg said of living and attending school in the city. 她花了一段时间来适应和熟悉周围的路,但她已经开始喜欢这个城市了. “Graduate school is right on 5th Avenue, 所以它离帝国大厦很近,是大家都想去的地方, 所以在那个地方上学是非常有活力和酷的,” she said.

One of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of Stomberg’s first year was being around classmates who are as passionate about neuroscience as she is. At the same time, when she first began classes last fall she was surprised to find some of her classmates had very little background in neuroscience when they started the program. “As someone who had actually majored in neuroscience, I was ahead of some people in a lot of ways,” she said.

Stomberg was also pleasantly surprised at the level of respect she received from her peers from the very first day. “这就像是,‘好吧,你加入了(这个项目),所以你必须知道自己在说什么.’ I feel like, especially as a visually impaired student, 我经常需要向人们证明我真的知道自己在说什么, and that expectation has never been there in graduate school,” she said.

斯托姆伯格面临的一个显著挑战是如何平衡她的研究职责和课程作业, 试着在她的论文项目和课堂上投入足够的时间. Having taken many rigorous courses at Coe, especially in the neuroscience program, Stomberg felt she was more prepared for the difficulty of graduate courses than some of her fellow students. 她称赞科商学院的教授们帮助她为遇到的挑战设定了预期. “My relationship with faculty at Coe, with them reaching out and saying, ‘Yes, 研究生院将会比科真正为我准备的要困难得多, and I really appreciate that,” she said.

当她还是科的学生时,斯托姆伯格充分利用了许多机会. She was involved in numerous extracurricular activities on campus, served as a tutor for other students and worked as a research assistant to Assistant Professor of Psychology Renee Penalver. 她在荒野野外站度过了一个夏天,并在丹麦国外学习了一个学期. Although her current studies keep her busy, she still finds time to serve as a mentor to an undergraduate student through a program at CUNY and is actively involved in her church.

As for her future plans, 斯托姆伯格认为她最终会获得博士学位,但可能会先工作一两年. “在纽约,有神经科学经验的人有很多机会, 我对研究和理解这些可能是什么很感兴趣,” she said. “Right now I’m sort of exploring and figuring out what I might want to do because I didn’t really know that there were so many possibilities.”

Martha Jesuit
Martha Jesuit '21

Globe-trotting Kohawk receives Society of Physics Students honors

Coe College physics and math major Martha Jesuit ’21 recently was selected for an Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award and scholarship through the Society of Physics Students (SPS).

耶稣会士对研究的热爱始于她在JBO体育第一年上课之前. “I was invited by the Physics Department to participate in glass research two weeks before the start of my first year,” Jesuit said. 从那时起,她就有机会周游世界,展示她的发现.

耶稣会对碲酸盐玻璃的研究为她赢得了杰出本科生研究奖. Awardees receive travel reimbursement and registration costs to attend an American Institute of Physics (AIP) professional meeting to present their research. 虽然她还没有做最终决定,但她正在考虑参加日本的AIP会议.

As part of the award, Jesuit also will be featured in an issue of the SPS Observer, have her report published in the 2020 issue of the Journal of Undergraduate Reports in Physics (JURP) and receive a $500 award for herself and $500 for Coe’s SPS chapter.

“我选择科是因为物理系和研究的机会,”Jesuit说. “今年夏天,我将在英国和希腊进行研究和展示.”

耶稣会还被选为2000美元科学系统和应用公司的获胜者. (SSAI) Underrepresented Student Scholarship. SSAI是一家专门从事地球和空间科学的女性企业, advanced computing, scientific analysis, instrument engineering, systems development and information technology.

“玛莎是一个自我激励的研究人员,她在JBO体育做了多年的玻璃研究. She attended an international conference in Cambridge where she gave two presentations and led a team to Argonne National Laboratory to do X-ray studies on Tellurite glass. 玛莎发表了两篇文章,是这两个奖项最当之无愧的作者,” Coe Professor and SPS Chapter Advisor Dr. Steven Feller said.

SPS is a national professional association designed for students interested in physics and related fields. SPS在AIP内部运作,AIP是专业物理科学学会的伞形组织. Coe’s SPS chapter is consistently ranked as an Outstanding Chapter, an award reserved for the top 10% of SPS chapters.

Chelsea Crain
Chelsea Crain Lensing '14

Chelsea Crain Lensing returns to Coe as ‘the next Mickey Wu’

When fellow Coe students asked Chelsea Crain Lensing ’14 why she chose to pursue a doctorate in economics, Chelsea routinely replied she wanted to be “the next Mickey Wu.”

Retired George R. Baker Professor of Stead Department of Business Administration and Economics Mickey Wu taught at Coe for 40 years. He was instrumental in generating support for the Spellman Fund and helped establish the Spellman Summer Research Program. 他还建立了Birkey投资基金和女子大学足球项目.

Mickey Wu.jpg
Retired Professor Mickey Wu

“To me, he represented a faculty member who had been at Coe for a long time and made such an impact on the college, department and students,” Chelsea said. 所以我几乎是开玩笑地告诉我的朋友们,我想成为下一个Mickey Wu.

“就在我拿到博士学位的那年,米奇退休了.D. He is the reason I went to grad school. And starting this August, I am the next Mickey Wu. It all worked out, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Chelsea is looking forward to switching roles and building relationships as an assistant professor in Coe’s Stead Department of Business Administration and Economics this fall. 切尔西是爱荷华州印第安纳诺拉的本地人,现在住在锡达拉皮兹市,喜欢打高尔夫球. She completed her graduate work at the University of Iowa in May 2019.

As a high school student, Chelsea resisted the idea of attending a small liberal arts college in Iowa but changed her mind after a campus visit.

“我立刻就爱上了(科),这里的人,这里的气氛,”切尔西说. “Everyone is so genuine and truly cares. The faculty cares about the students; the students care about each other … and Coe has an outstanding academic record. It was an easy decision for me. Once I visited Coe, I never looked back.”

Dougie Mural.jpg

Coe equipment manager Dougie Peters celebrates 38 years on the job

Dougie Peters ’81 他毕业后就在JBO体育工作,他对学院的贡献是传奇的吗. Local Cedar Rapids news station KCRG interviewed him to find out what makes him such a beloved figure on campus. Click here for the video and article.

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Homecoming 2019: Game On!


Alumni, friends and community members are invited to campus for what promises to be a memorable weekend filled with activities and fun.

在特色活动中有全校友庆祝活动和无声拍卖, as well as the All-Alumni Recognition Reception and Program. The annual Homecoming Showcase Concert will be held, as well as athletic contests, including Kohawk football versus Simpson.

Reunion celebrations will include those from the classes of 1969, 1979, 1983-1985, 2003-2005 and 2009.

Go to www.alumni.oldgloryradio.com/homecoming19 for more information.

Upcoming Alumni Events

July 25 — Coe on the RAGBRAI Route — Although RAGBRAI is staying south of Cedar Rapids this year, Coe College will still be on the route! If you'll be riding on Thursday, July 25, be sure to look for our tent in Libertyville, Iowa, from 1:00-4:00 PM for a pit stop.

July 29 — 38th Annual Coe College Golf Athletic Fundraiser — Join us for the Coe Athletic Department’s major annual fundraiser to support Coe's 21 men’s and women’s varsity sports in the American Rivers Conference. We are excited that this event will be hosted at Cedar Rapids Country Club. Registration and payment are due by July 18.

August 9 — 9th Annual Football Golf Classic — Coe College football alumni are invited to relive the glory days on the gridiron while spending time out on the greens at the Kernoustie Golf Course in Mt. Vernon on Friday, August 9. After golfing, enjoy dinner and a presentation by Coe coaches and players about the upcoming 2019 Kohawk Football season at 5:00 PM. Registration is due by August 2.