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Coe College C3 wins 公报业务奖

Coe的C3:创造力, 职业生涯, Community center has again earned recognition for serving students in innovative ways.

Coe, along with three other corridor colleges 和 universities, won a 2019 公报业务奖 for its implementation 和 use of 握手. 握手 is an online system designed to connect students, 校友 和 potential employers as they search for internship 和 job opportunities.

C3, a catalyst for the college’s designation as the #15 school in the nation for internships, began using 握手 in 2018 as a way to seamlessly connect Kohawks with internships 和 careers.

"We encourage all Kohawks to utilize the services of C3 和 握手 as early as their first term. Gaining internship 和 other experiences helps students build their skills, their resume 和 their 握手 profile so that employers can find 和 recruit them more easily,C3联合主任说 Barb是89.

握手 serves as a conduit for Kohawks to identify their career interests, apply for internships 和 jobs 和 read job-related student reviews. Kohawks也能够从其他拥有自己感兴趣的工作的学生那里寻求建议.

握手 is used much like other career search engines, but the internships 和 jobs posted 在这里 specifically target college students 和 校友. 除了实习和职业生涯, Kohawks use 握手 to apply for on-campus work-study 和 summer jobs.

Coe所特有的, the Coe Promise guarantees Kohawks will conduct research, study off-campus or complete an internship before graduating. 作为一个结果, 年复一年, 几乎100%的报告毕业生在毕业一年内已经就业或进入研究生院.


Kohawk启动 event awards $10,000 in prizes to Coe students

Kohawk启动, Coe’s second annual 24-hour entrepreneurship 和 innovation event, 培养35名有抱负的创新者. 企业家常驻和科校友 大卫Tominsky 98 带领团队完成了从创意产生、商业建模到推销和展示的创业过程.

The event began at 6:00 PM on 11月 8 和 concluded at 6:00 PM on 11月 9. On Friday evening, ideas were pitched, teams were formed 和 research ensued. 周六全天, 团队接受了锡达拉皮兹地区领导人的指导,并通过客户发现和问题识别工作.

Thanks to generous support from entrepreneur, author 和 motivational speaker 马克哈里斯85年, cash prizes were awarded to the winning teams. 第一,5美元,该团队提出了远程监测技术的想法,使农业行业能够利用现场条件的实时数据做出最佳决策.


Team Charlie’s Community Garden was the third-place 和 audience choice winner receiving $2,500. 他们提出了安装温室的想法,为“鸟巢”提供直接的新鲜农产品供应,” Coe’s on-campus food 和 necessities pantry.

前三名的团队将继续与Tominsky会面,进行后续咨询,并扩展他们的创业精神. With Tominsky’s entrepreneur-in-residence position, he will maintain a dedicated space on Coe’s campus for one-on-one entrepreneurial coaching, 目前所有的科霍克人都可以使用.


Alumnae duo creates online shopping tool with a social conscience

金正日派普04年玛丽Schlaphoff 04年 are putting their passion for social change to work in the form of Tribe, a tech tool that gives online shoppers insight into the ethics of companies from which they purchase.

Pieper 和 Schlaphoff met as roommates their freshman year at Coe 和 have been friends ever since. Schlaphoff introduced Pieper to the 政治科学 Club, 这激发了她对政治的兴趣,使皮珀成为了一名10年的政治策略师,并激励她创建了Tribe. She had come to realize how much power big business holds in society, but also saw the ability consumers have to effect change. “When one person changes how they shop, they make a dent. If all of us change how we shop, we create a mass movement,” Pieper said.

Tribe is a browser tool that indicates to shoppers on Amazon.com whether a company tests its products on animals. When a Tribe user selects a product for purchase, a small box appears that shares animal testing information on the product manufacturer. Tribe随后告诉公司,当用户转向更合乎道德的产品时,他们的有害做法会让他们损失多少钱.

Schlaphoff joined Tribe about a year after the company was founded 和 serves as the research director. With a background in marketing 和 communications, she also is heavily involved in marketing 和 product management.

开发产品, Pieper 和 four other co-founders worked with a developer to verify their idea could be implemented. Pieper developed a business model 和 plan, 研究小组对1,000 Amazon shoppers to determine whether t在这里 was a market for their product. After securing investments, the group began building Tribe. 作为哲学专业的学生, 英语, 政治学与德语, managing a development team proved challenging for us at first,Pieper和Schlaphoff指出. “But with the help of some mentors, we finally found our rhythm.”

Throughout the process, Pieper 和 Schlaphoff have relied on many skills they learned at Coe. Pieper感谢Howard Hall哲学教授Jeff Hoover教会她跳出固有思维,挑战系统和结构的典型观点. “We tend to think of politics 和 nonprofit work as the means to positively impact our world, 但我想把这种想法反过来,提出一种新的行动主义方式,它能产生可追踪的结果,”她说.

作为写作中心的前顾问, 施拉普霍夫学习了一些技巧,现在她用这些技巧来创作营销内容,并与投资者和潜在合作伙伴沟通. Her background in political science also is invaluable in her role as research director. “我依靠我的政治学专业来理解问题,并思考如何打破它们,以鼓励有意义的改变,”她说.

Pieper 和 her co-founders have big plans for the future of the company. Their goal is to have the largest database of information on businesses’ values, 政策和做法. 他们还希望与更多的非营利组织合作,帮助他们与更广泛的受众分享信息,并为他们的事业建立意识.

Upcoming versions of Tribe will give users information about companies’ political giving, environmental practices 和 other important social issues. 该团队目前正致力于增加产品推荐功能,并打算让Tribe在其他热门网站(如Target)上可用.com.

To learn more about Tribe 和 add the tool to your browser, visit the company’s website at www.jointribe.us.


Coe College to celebrate Christmas with Convocation 和 Vespers services

圣诞节将在12月3日上午11点和晚上7点半举行一年一度的圣诞节集会和圣诞节晚祷来庆祝圣诞节, 都在辛克莱礼堂. The services will feature the Coe College Concert Choir 和 H和bell Ensemble.

Coe合唱团音乐会, directed by Assistant Professor of 音乐 Jesse Bunge, will perform traditional anthems 和 Christmas music. 科手铃合奏, directed by MacMillan Assistant Professor of 音乐 Brett Wolgast, 还将执行. Wolgast will accompany the services on the organ.

这两种仪式都遵循宏大的英国课程和颂歌传统,并效仿剑桥国王学院教堂, 英格兰. During the services, hymns 和 carols are used in place of psalms 和 canticles.

通过《JBO体育平台首页》的经文和颂歌和圣歌的诗句,将呈现一个美丽的视角,对圣诞季的意义. 这两项服务将包括耶稣诞生的故事,在整个服务期间由JBO体育牧师Melea White朗读, 以及学生, 教职员及教职员工. Participants will be invited to join in singing several of the Christmas hymns 和 carols.

The Coe College 音乐 Department 和 the Office of the Chaplain are co-sponsoring the services. The college would like to thank Hy-Vee for providing refreshments. Both services are free 和 open to the public with refreshments following each service. If you are unable to attend either program in person, you can access the Christmas Convocation webcast at 11:00 AM on December 3 by clicking 在这里.



Doc Herron encourages 校友 to join him 3月 15-19, 2020, for a gr和 reunion of a half century of Coe College skiing in Aspen! Doc has been skiing with his students in Aspen since 1972. 他很高兴有机会再次见到他们,庆祝旧时光,创造一些新的记忆. And he’d like to do it while he still can ski.

Details 和 registration will be available soon at 校友.oldgloryradio.com/events.

Coe International Club hosts 46th annual Culture Show

Traditions from around the world were on display at the Culture Show on 11月 2. 才华横溢的Kohawks展示了音乐, 跳舞, fashion 和 more from their native cultures in a celebration of campus diversity.

Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin头像
Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin

麻省理工学院老年实验室主任. Joseph F. Coughlin to speak at Coe Contemporary Issues Forum

An expert in disruptive demographics, Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph值.D., 教授政策和系统创新,并被《JBO体育》杂志评为“100位最有创造力的商界人士”之一.” Dr. Coughlin will speak at the 17th annual Coe College Contemporary Issues Forum on Tuesday, 2月18日, 晚上七点半在辛克莱礼堂.

Dr. Coughlin’s research provides insights on how demographic change, 技术, 社会趋势和消费者行为将汇聚在一起,推动企业和政府未来的创新. 这将是一个伟大的活动,所有年龄的人都计划在不断变化的经济中成功的未来.

This year’s event will be planned 和 hosted in partnership with Mercy Medical Center.

可购票 在这里 or by calling the Coe College 票房 at 319.399.8600, Monday through Friday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

由晚期建立 K. 雷蒙德克拉克30, 当代问题论坛展示了杰出领袖的观点,他们的工作塑造和改变了世界事件的进程. 论坛上有前美国总统.S. 美国总统乔治·H.W. 布什, 波兰前总统瓦文萨, 深海海洋学家罗伯特·巴拉德, civil rights activist Myrlie Evers-Williams, 以色列前总理巴拉克, 《JBO体育平台首页》的漫画家加里·特鲁多, 生态专家贾里德·戴蒙德, 纪录片导演肯·伯恩斯, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts, 著名作家萨尔曼·拉什迪爵士, former Senate Majority Leader 和 Special Envoy George Mitchell, Pulitzer Prize-winning global health expert Laurie Garrett, 传奇足球运动员艾比·瓦姆巴赫, 比赛首席评论员杰拉尼·科布, 环保主义者和社会企业家Yvon Chouinard和Craig Mathews以及先驱天体物理学家Jocelyn Bell Burnell.


Share the Coe spirit during this season of giving

在JBO体育平台首页展望即将到来的新年之际, we know the generosity of those who invest in Coe College makes all the difference in our success. 您的支持对JBO体育平台首页意义重大, 在这个给予的季节, t在这里 are many simple ways you can support our work 和 benefit yourself 和 your loved ones.

  • 今天做一份礼物 — If you want to make an impact 和 receive income tax savings, make your gift now 和 see the results of your generosity in action immediately.
  • 避免资本利得 — If you are concerned about preserving your cash resources, consider a gift of an appreciated asset. 证券礼物, 商业利益或房地产可以为您提供显著的收入和资本利得税节省, often exceeding the benefits of a cash gift.
  • 爱尔兰共和军慈善翻转 — People age 70½ or older who own an IRA can make cash gifts directly from their IRA to charity. For many people, this is the best tax-wise way to give. 个人退休帐户展期礼物将不包括在您的应税收入,并将符合您所需的最低分配.
  • 开始新的收入 -以现金或增值资产作为捐赠,设立慈善赠予年金或慈善剩余信托基金,获得终身收入,并可获得当期所得税减免.  You will also bypass all or a portion of the capital gains on appreciated assets 和 when you pass away, 剩余的资金将归科欧所有.
  • 留下一笔遗产 — T在这里 are many simple ways you can support Coe College through an estate plan. A bequest through a provision in a will or trust is one of the easiest gifts you can make. You can make a bequest of a dollar amount, 一个特定的资产, or a percentage of or the residue from your estate. A beneficiary designation is simply naming Coe College as the beneficiary of an asset you own, 比如退休账户. Most people like the fact that these are revocable 和 can be modified at any time.
  • 混合你的给予 -为了更大的影响, consider a gift today of your IRA distribution, 不动产, 资产或现金增值, 和 complement it with a gift in your will or estate plan. You benefit by seeing 和 knowing you are building a legacy that will grow.

JBO体育平台首页有很多方法可以帮助您实现慈善目标,同时享受税收节省和收入优势. 访问 校友.oldgloryradio.com/waystogive 或致电319联络JBO体育平台首页的礼品专员.399.8542.


春季快递课堂笔记 — Do you have news you would like printed in the Spring 快递? 请将您的意见于 12月15日 使用 更新我的信息 表格或通过发送电子邮件到 courier@oldgloryradio.com.

二战校友故事 ▽《JBO体育》春夏版为纪念第二次世界大战结束75周年,将介绍在第二次世界大战中服役的科校友的故事. 第二次世界大战的退伍校友或他们的家庭成员被鼓励分享他们的故事,以审查和编辑可能纳入信使. Please submit stories 和 photos (if applicable) via email to courier@oldgloryradio.com 或邮件:

1号大街1220号. NE 

The deadline for World War II story submissions is 2020年1月10日.


December 7 — SAA Annual Children’s Holiday Party — The Coe College Student 校友 Association invites you to join them for its annual holiday party. The event is recommended for children ages 4-12, but all are welcome!

January 12 — New York City 校友/Student Reception -今年春季参加纽约学期的科系学生将通过一个与地区校友联系的招待会开始他们的体验. 加入JBO体育平台首页的特别活动!